Frequently Asked Questions about the product

This page will contain the frequently asked questions aboutour product. If you have questions regarding head lice & nits, look here.

How many people per bottle that you send me?

Generally, 4 people per bottle of Pre-Mix enough for the entire treatment. It is designed for 3 people with very long hair. If you have 6 people with short hair (above the shoulder) you can probably use the 1 bottle of Pre-Mix on all 6 people.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a free, safe way for you to pay for items over the Internet AND they cut you a break if you sign up for the first time. All of the big auction sites use it(, We decided to use them because they offer $5.00 to sign up...that means 5 bucks in your pocket which translates to our Remedy only costing $15.00!

With PayPal you still have to pay for your purchase upfront. They have found a way that you can send AND receive money into your Credit Card and checking accounts. It is very safe and had been used for millions of tranactions. It is a way to pay someone immediately so you can get the product you wish to receive going as soon as possible. AND it doesn't cost you anything to send money (it actually costs us to receive it but, we do it out of a convenience to you).

What is in your product?

The ingredients in our mix are:

  • Soybean Oil (Soy Methyl Esters)
  • Mineral oil
  • Lemon Grass oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Orange Blossom Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
We do not use tea tree oil in our product. Tea Tree oil has been contraindicated for pregnant women and small children so we will not use it in out product! The Soybean Oil and the Jojoba Oil are prepared at an exact temperature. This is the key to our Solution. We will not disclose the temperatures or duration of time it must be maintained. During the cooling process we add the Lavender oil at a precise temperature. After everything has cooled we add the other ingredients for the final mixture. This is then shaken by machine at a high rate of speed to ensure that the ingredients are adequately infused.

How does it work? Does it smother lice?

No, it does not smother lice. We have found a mixture of natural botanical oils that if combined and separated at the right temperatures, will kill lice and the nits. Unfortunately, it is too strong to put directly on the scalp. So we dilute it in a base oil. It has nothing to do with smothering. As you know if you have used Olive Oil, or Mineral Oil or other oil treatments: they do not work. This works in a complex way by both method and solution there is no way lice and their offspring can survive! It has nothing to do with suffocation (smothering) of lice.

Why doesn't my doctor know about your product?

Well, we are just a family...not a huge multi-billion dollar company. We are trying to educate school nurses about this treatment but we do not have the advertising dollars to spend wildly like the big pharmaceuticals do. Your doctor will probably steer you away from any homegrown remedies like ours. They only believe in chemicals....unfortunately Lindane which is the active ingredient in most over-the-counter and prescription drugs for head lice is a horrible pesticide. The doctors know that, ask them. They just believe that there is no other treatment unless the drug reps from the huge pharmaceutical companies come by and buy them lunch or send them on trips (Diane works in the medical field and knows this to be true). Nothing against doctors, it's just the nature of their industry.

How Much Is it?

One Head Lice Remedy Pre-Mix bottle is $15.00 if you sign on with PayPal ($20.00 if not)

How do I know it is going to work?

Well, I'm not sure how to prove this to you. We have hundreds of letters and e-mails of people calling us "lifesavers", "saints", and "blessed". Usually people finally come to us after they have spent a hundred dollars or more on other products...they are desperate for anything that will work. They order from us finally, out of desperation and then write saying how they wished they had ordered from us first. The way it is made and applied: It has no choice but to work.

If you are so sure it works, why don't you guarantee it?

I do guarantee it. I can personally guarantee that it will work for you if mixed and applied right. We can not offer a manufacturer's guarantee though. Here is why: You are the manufacturer! We just provide a primary raw ingredient. Since we can not oversee the manufacturing process we can not offer a manufacturers guarantee because of that. (Guaranteed already mixed product here)

Is it that hard for me to mix then?

No, we tell you exactly how much to mix with Mineral Oil. We send you a dropper bottle with the product in it. You just use one drop of our remedy to 1 ounce of mineral oil (sometimes called: baby oil, white oil, light parrifin oil). So a 16 ounce bottle of mineral oil would take 16 drops of Head Lice Remedy.

Is it safe to get in the eyes or ears?

Yes & No. You must take precautions to make sure this does not get in eyes. It will sting if gotten in the eyes. It will also blur the vision until the eye washes the solution away. It is ingestible in small amounts but causes severe diarrhea and cramping. However, it does not soak into the skin and cause possible nervous-system damage like pesticides.

Will it damage my child's hair in any way?

No. Everyone's chemistry is different so I say that with a little caution. The solution is good for the hair but it may cause extremely few people dry scalp. The shampoo however is pretty has to be in order to remove the lice cure solution. You may notice dry, irritated scalp from the shampoo but, you can always switch to your normal shampoo (although you may have to wash several times)

Why don't I have to nit-pick with your product?

No. Absolutely not. This formula makes an intolerable environment for lice. The lice attach eggs(nits) to the hair follicle with a super glue that is VERY hard to get off. Picking them is horrible as you have to check every strand of hair and then try to pull them off with tweezers. Our formula waits for lice to hatch and creates an environment uninhabitable. Eventually, you wind up brushing them out of your hair. If it makes you feel better to pick them all out...then go ahead but it is neither necessary nor recommended with this treatment.

Does it work on adults?

Yes. It works great on adults or children.

Can I get rid of lice by a permanents or hair color?

No. You can't get rid of them by permanents or by dying the hair. Many people have tried dying the child or adults hair the same color. Surprisingly, it does not kill lice and nits. We tried that too when our daughter had it.

Can I get rid of lice by cutting off all the hair?

Yes. As a matter of fact, this is the cheapest and easily recommendable treatment. The problem is that you have to cut the hair so that no more than 1 inch shows. Some boys are fine with that but most girls are not.

What about allergic reactions?

We have no idea if it will cause an allergic reaction on you or your family. As with any product, use a small portion on your forearm and check it every hour for eight hours before using. If you have any reaction whatsoever, you can send the entire kit back and we will refund your money for the product.

Is it ok to use on very small children or the elderly?

So far, we have had no problems with either of the two groups of people...use precautions as usual and follow the directions.

Is it non-toxic?

Yes, however, I wouldn't advise ingestion. It can be dangerous to ingest just as your normal shampoo is, or toothpaste, or 100 gallons of soda pop. But overall it is pretty safe except for the severe diarrhea accompanied by ingestion.

Will it affect any dies or permanents?

No, although discoloration can happen in clothes with the solution, it does not affect hair colors or perms. Having said that, anytime you wash your hair frequently or with strong shampoos, you run the risk of it affecting your hair.

Will it discolor my skin?


Is it harmful to animals?

We have not tested it on animals. Head lice (for digestive reasons) only live on humans. They can be carried or transmitted by animals but they cannot live on them for more than a few days. Since this is the case, we have not tried it on animals nor do we recommend can try it at your own risk if you like.

How do I order?

There are several ways. One is by credit card. Or you can send a check or money order. We have a ORDER INFORMATION page here that can answer many questions. (already mixed product here)

I'm not sure I feel really good about putting my credit card number over the Internet

Understood. We run this web page through VERISIGN. VERISIGN is the same company that you use when you go to the store and use your credit card. They have a encrypted server called SSL that is can't be hacked, cracked, or any other thing. Your credit card numbers are absolutely safe with them due to the way the numbers are "scrambled"...only VERISIGN can "de-scramble" the numbers. We here at don't even see your credit card numbers! The bank tells us that you have ordered and that your credit card is good. We just ship the cure to you. Everything is controlled between your credit card bank and the VERISIGN company. It's really pretty safe. I have ordered several items over the internet on a secure server and have never had a problem. You can go to the order info page here.

I am having trouble ordering on your order page . What should I do?

Sometimes the order page takes a long time to process your order. It is finding a "secure" way to assure your privacy when you order. Please be patient and let it load. If it does not load within 2 minutes, then hit the "Reload" or "Refresh" button on your browser....if that doesn't work, come back later and try again.

What if I want to send a check?

No problem. Just send the check and after it "clears" the bank, we will ship your order out to you. See the order page for the address.

Can I send cash?

No! Never send cash through the mail!

What about privacy?

Your order is shipped in a US Postal Service issued box. It will not have the words "lice", "cure", or "head" on it. The name on the return address is either "North Coast, Inc." or our various shipping locations - none of which have anything that would embarass you or reveal the box contents. The US Postal Service requires us to announce liquids so we call it a shampoo.

How fast will I get my order?

Well, that depends on where you live. We usually ship the next day by US Postal Service PRIORITY (2 to 3 days) from the Chicago area.

How do I contact you?

We hope this page is informative. If you have any suggestions to make this page more complete, please contact us at